Other things I enjoy

I love linguistics, and language in general, and thus also all kinds of things that are related to language: songs, poetry, literature, films, and theatre… But then I also love other things that have nothing to do with language. Since I also like to sleep, I only have about 16 hours each day to dedicate to all these activities, which, alas, is not nearly enough.

  • Music! There’s so much great music around, and I never know where to start. So I’ll just point out a wild selection of young(ish) groups and people that I think deserve attention: Muddy What, Copper Viper, Carsie Blanton, Marvin Scondo, The Hoodie Crows, Christoph Schellhorn
    Also, videos from live music in the Hanau area can be found at DocGutter’s Youtube channel.
  • More Music! I also like to make music myself. I sing, see the page on our duo, and I play the piano and the ukulele, very clumsily though.
  • Volt! A pan-European political movement for a strong democratic European Union, applying best practices to local problems to find pragmatic solutions. Have a look at our European and Hessian sites.
  • Bodyweight workouts! I have been training with Freeletics since May 2020 now. If you don’t mind sweating and suffering, and have a good repertoire of swear words, this is a fun way to stay in shape.
  • Literature! I read a wild mixture of Terry Pratchett, Håkan Nesser, Albert Camus, Shakespeare, Haruki Murakami, and Bill Bryson.
  • Discworld! Since first acting in a Discworld-based theatre play with Die Dramateure in 2012, I regularly revisit this endearingly bizarre (moving) part of the universe. There’s a biennial convention in Germany, too!
  • Festivals and concerts! I love small, local music festivals, especially when there’s blues music. The unique Blues, Schmus, Apfelmus in Laubach combines cozy concerts with our local Apfelwein culture. Even smaller is the Bluesfestival Bad Berka — but it’s always worth the trip!