Research & CV

I currently work with Stavros Skopeteas and Götz Keydana on the topic of “Clitics and the prosody-syntax interface” in the General Linguistics Department at Göttingen University. The project also provides the context for my dissertation, which deals with the placement of special clitics in Czech.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 10/2018 – present: junior researcher and Ph.D. student in the project Clitics and the Prosody-Syntax Interface at Göttingen University
  • 10/2017 – 07/2018: lecturer for the BA course Phänomene der Syntax at Frankfurt Goethe University
  • 08/2017: MA thesis Czech Numeral Phrases in Coordinated Structures, supervised by Katharina Hartmann
  • 04/2014 – 08/2017: MA in Linguistics (subjects: syntax and phonology) at Frankfurt Goethe University 
  • 05/2014: BA thesis The Production of Subject and Object Relative Clauses in German and Czech, supervised by Petra Schulz
  • 04/2013 – 08/2015: student tutor for courses in the BA linguistics (Typology, Syntax, Mathematics) at Frankfurt Goethe University
  • 10/2011 – 09/2015: student assistant with CARU, project on the acquisition of German relative clauses within the research unit Relative Clauses at Frankfurt Goethe University
  • 10/2011 – 05/2014: BA in Linguistics at Frankfurt Goethe University
  • 10/2009 – 09/2012: Teaching degree for secondary schools at Frankfurt Goethe University
  • born and grown up in Hanau near Frankfurt am Main